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Открытая система «Ангел воды» от MAIKONG

Открытая система «Ангел воды» от MAIKONG
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    colon hydrotherapy, let’s talk about the Angel of Water Open System, proudly presented by MAIKONG. This isn’t just any colonic machine; it’s your next step towards a healthier, detoxified body.

    Why Go for Angel of Water?

    The Angel of Water Open System is all about combining comfort with efficiency. Imagine a system that’s as gentle as it is powerful, offering a colon cleansing experience that’s both thorough and relaxing.

    The MAIKONG Difference

    When it comes to colon hydrotherapy machines, MAIKONG isn’t just another name in the crowd. We’re talking about top-tier quality, innovative design, and that all-important aftercare support.

    Specs That Speak Volumes

    Technical Know-How of the Angel of Water

    Feature Spec Detail
    Power Source Compatible with standard outlets
    Voltage 220V±22V, adaptable to your needs
    Frequency 50Hz±1Hz, for smooth operation
    Material Durable ABS and sleek Stainless Steel
    Water Flow ≥2L/min, for efficient cleansing

    Comfort and Safety

    Aspect Description
    Water Temperature 10~40℃±2℃, just right for you
    Noise Level ≤65db, whisper-quiet operation
    Disposables Single-use catheter, for hygiene

    Ready to Ship

    Packaging and Delivery: Handled with Care

    Package Contents Your peace of mind
    Packaging Sturdy master carton with protective foam
    Port Shipping from SHANGHAI, reaching you wherever

    Supply and Demand

    • Availability: 100 sets a week, because health can’t wait
    • Quick Turnaround: 5 days lead time for that urgent need

    Custom Just for You

    Making It Yours

    • Logo: Yours to personalize with a minimum of just 5 orders
    • Packaging: Stand out with custom packaging, also just a minimum of 5

    Let’s Talk FAQs

    Q: What makes the Angel of Water stand out?
    A: It’s the blend of comfort, efficiency, and MAIKONG’s quality assurance that sets it apart. Plus, it’s customizable!

    Q: Is it easy to get started with the Angel of Water?
    A: Absolutely! We’ve designed it to be user-friendly, with clear instructions and responsive customer support.

    Q: How can I be part of the MAIKONG family as a distributor?
    A: Thrilled to hear you’re interested! Reach out to us directly, and we’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

    So there you have it! The Angel of Water Open System by MAIKONG is more than just a colonic machine; it’s a pathway to enhanced wellness. Ready to take the plunge?

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